The SNR Scholarship fund was established by a generous donation from the Gallus family in memory of their daughter Dorothy. She was a kind, loving athlete of many sports. She competed in soccer, track and cross country and enjoyed playing basketball as well. She enjoyed art, writing, music, hiking, and volunteering in her high school special education classroom.    

Additional scholarship funds are obtained through grants and individual contributions.  Scholarships are awarded and allocated appropriately within each program and application window. 

Scholarship Windows:  

  • The first window- April 1st-30th, awarding scholarship for Camp All-Stars, Summer, Winter, and Spring Break.  Camp All-Stars Summer Camp runs June 21st-August 12th, Monday- Thursday, 9 am -3 pm.  The fee is $25 a day (no additional activity fees).  
  • The second window- June 1st-30th, awarding Evening Group scholarship.  Scholarships will be awarded in form of a pre-paid punch card, redeemable at SNR evening group activities.  Evening Group attendance is $10, participant is still responsible for activity fee (dinner, movie, bowling, etc.).  
  • The third window- August 1st-30th, awarding LIFE Group scholarships. Participants will be given the option to receive account credit or as a pre-paid punch card.  Daily attendance is $10, participant is still responsible for activity fees (bowling, lunch, movie, crafts, etc.).  
  • The fourth window-October 1st-31st, awarding the Dorothy Gallus SNR Sports Scholarship.  Mini sport sessions are offered periodically throughout the year, such as basketball, soccer, and flow boarding. Sessions are $25 each.   

***In the event your participant is in need and the scholarship window you are applying for has closed, please contact the Executive Director by emailing 

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