Game of Life

Game of Life Topic Survey

SNR is excited to announce a new adventure called the “Game of Life” we have been collaborating with service coordinators, providers, therapists, specialists, DDA’s and teachers within the community for months to offer free year round classes for our participants to come and learn valuable and much needed relationship skills in a fun and non-threatening environment. These classes will be held every other Thursday starting on April 7th from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the SNR facility. See Calendar for dates. Kathy Hearn a retired special education teacher will be facilitating these classes along with fun volunteers and guest speakers. We would also like to offer the opportunity for parents/ care providers of the individuals to meet in another room/area to cover the information from the participant’s class and or be a support group.

We will be covering topics such as bullying, social media, friendships, relationships, etc. We have listed below some ideas of classes we would like to start with. If you could fill out this short survey this would help us understand the needs better. There will be a parent forum to discuss the classes on March 21st at 6:00pm at Prairie View Elementary. We encourage you to attend!

Please rate your interest in the subjects below 0 – 5. 0 = No interest
1= low interest 2= mild interest 3= moderate interest 4=strong interest 5=extreme interest