SNR is a non-profit organization that provides recreational opportunities to youth and adults who have disabilities and/or special needs. We strive to teach our participants appropriate behavior and socialization skills while providing many wonderful recreational opportunities. Participants increase their knowledge through daily excursions into the community, and the community itself grows more tolerant and inclusive to people who have disabilities. Most of our participants come into our program shy, scared, anxious, self -conscious, overwhelmed and over stimulated, and in a short period of time almost all participants open up, begin to enjoy themselves and tolerate things that they normally do not tolerate. They begin to do things their parents said they would never do. Our program improves our participant’s self-esteem and overall mental and physical health, it also encourages our participants to build lasting friendships with others who attend.


Monthly Board Meetings

4th Tuesday of every month at 4:15p.m. at SNR Center